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Harris County District Judge Assignments

03/16/2015 - 03/31/2015


Assigned JudgeCourtLocationPhoneStart DateEnd Date
Judge Dan Hinde269Civil, 13th Floor(713) 368-637003/16/201503/31/2015


Assigned JudgeCourtLocationPhoneStart DateEnd Date
Judge Roy L. Moore245Civil, 15th Floor(713) 368-590003/01/201503/31/2015
Judge Charley Prine246Civil, 16th Floor(713) 274-450004/01/201504/30/2015
Judge John Schmude247Civil, 15th Floor(713) 368-657005/01/201505/31/2015
Judge Judy Warne257Civil, 16th Floor(713) 274-456006/01/201506/30/2015
Judge Lynn Bradshaw-Hull280Civil, 15th Floor(713) 368-642007/01/201507/31/2015
Judge James Lombardino308Civil, 8th Floor713-274-460008/01/201508/31/2015
Judge Sheri Y. Dean309Civil, 16th Floor(713) 274-452009/01/201509/30/2015
Judge Lisa Millard310Civil, 15th Floor(713) 368-655010/01/201510/31/2015
Judge Alicia K. Franklin311Civil, 8th Floor713-274-458011/01/201511/30/2015
Judge David Farr312Civil, 16th Floor(713) 274-454012/01/201512/31/2015

CJC: Criminal Justice Center at 1201 Franklin
Family: 1115 Congress
Civil: 201 Caroline

Jerry Miranda: 713-368-6530

Harris County Administrative Offices of the District Courts 2006
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