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County Court Facilities Update - Sept 29, 2017 9/29/2017

September 28, 2017

The following is a update on County court facilities after the storm:

Criminal Justice Center: Three causes for the water damage:  floodwaters, external sewers backing up in the building, and the burst pipes (to water fountains, for example).

The County plans to renovate and repair the building.  The repairs will take 9 – 12 months from the time the County signs a contract for the work.  The County hopes to sign a contract for construction before the end of the year, but the full scope of the work has yet to be determined.  The fewer the material changes in the building, the faster the building is back on line and occupied.

Jury Assembly:  The County plans to hire an expert/consultant to determine the cause of the damage to the building.  The County is studying what to do with jury assembly space – rebuild it where it was, build it above ground on the same lot, or move it elsewhere.  Until the County makes a decision, they cannot provide a timetable on permanent space.

The interim space for jury assembly is on the first floor and the lower level of the County Administration Building, 1001 Preston.  Discussions regarding longer-term interim space are ongoing. 

Jury service resumes October 16, 2017.

Tunnels: The tunnel between the Jury Plaza and 201 Caroline is still closed.  The County hopes to have it open by the end of October. 

Juvenile Justice Center:  The courtrooms for three juvenile district courts suffered some damage.  The judges have found other space in the building to hold proceedings.  The County issued a Purchase Order last week for repair work to commence.  The work should be completed in 4 – 8 months.

201 Caroline: 20 of the 22 criminal district courts are settled into 201 Caroline.  They were holding dockets within 2 weeks of the storm. 

Civil Jury Trials – resume in November.

Upper Floor Elevators – no change.  Expect the three out of service elevators returning to service by mid-November.  The three elevators on the other side will be upgraded also, hopefully one at a time.

Look for further updates at www.justex.net.  Thank you again for your patience.

Sylvia Matthews

Administrative Judge, Civil Division


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