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Video SystemAll thirty-nine courtrooms in the Harris County Civil Courthouse are equipped with state-of-the-art evidence presentation technology systems.  Each courtroom contains a state-of-the-art video system enabling documents and video to be displayed in a number of locations around the court.  The system is centrally controlled within each courtroom with multiple touch panel interfaces.  The control system has the capability to control all audio and video operation with "master control" belonging to the touch panel monitor at the bench.

Jury MonitorsThe jury box is equipped with eight 15-inch LCD flat panel monitors strategically placed for easy viewing by all fourteen jury members.  A ceiling-mounted projector allows spectators to view images from the presentation system on a retractable screen adjacent to the jury box. 

The displays at the witness stand, projector and the jury box are isolated to allow the bench and attorneys to have the capability to review all materials before they are displayed.

Presentation StationsA semi-portable presentation station houses a DVD/VCR combo unit, cassette recorder/player, laptop connection, 15-inch monitor/control interface, and a document camera with VGA (computer) input and output connections.  The presentation station may be located in either of two connection points within the courtroom, one between counsel tables and the second opposite the jury box.
Counsel tablesCounsel tables are outfitted with connections for a laptop computer complete with stereo audio and power.  Each counsel table is also equipped with a 15-inch touch panel monitor that will receive images from the presentation system and be annotation capable.  Wireless internet is also available for attorneys and court staff providing access to files and other web-based support services.
Witness standThe witness stand has a LCD flat panel monitor with touch panel capabilities for annotation.  The judge's bench has a 17-inch monitor/control interface that allows all images to be displayed and have total control of the system including a master override (all stop).
For additional information about Civil Courthouse Technology, contact the District Court Help Desk.  mailto:dctechnicalservice@justex.net

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