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District Courts
of Harris County
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The Administrative Office of the District Courts
1201 Franklin, 7th Floor
Houston, Texas 77002

 Hon. Robert Schaffer, Harris County Administrative Judge
Hon. Kelli Johnson, Administrative Judge - Criminal Division
Hon. Michael Gomez, Administrative Judge - Civil Division
Hon. Angela L. Graves-HarringtonĀ , Administrative Judge - Family Division
Hon. Natalia Cokinos Oakes, Administrative Judge - Juvenile Division

Clay Bowman(832) 927-6576District Courts Administrator
(832) 927-4332Veterans Court Coordinator
Assigned, Not(713) 274-1266Infant / Toddler Court
Awad, Peter(832) 927-6562Bus Process Analyst
Billingsley-Mexicano, Michelle(713) 222-4872Juv Admin Asst
Castillo, Lisa(713) 222-4885Admin Asst Juvenile
Covington, Mary(832) 927-4304Drug Court Manager
Cruz, Ally(832) 927-6576Admin Asst-Purchasing
Cruz, Maria(832) 927-6579Purchasing Coordinator
Dartez, Melissa(832) 927-6572Human Resources/Benefits
Davis, Samantha(713) 222-4880Referee-Juvenile
DeForke, Michael(832) 927-6574Mgmt Analyst
Elkhadem, Adam(832) 927-2721Paralegal
Gaffney, Eileen(832) 927-2727Staff Attorney
Gonzalez, Juan(832) 927-6578Alt Coordinator
Harris, Eric(832) 927-6550Tech Services Mgr
Horn, Scott(832) 927-6553Support Specialist
Hyatt, Derek(832) 927-6552Systems Administrator
Javier Leal (832) 927-6615Court Reporter
Jose Marino (832) 927-6554Computer Technician
Klug, Jamal(832) 927-6555Services Coordinator
Knox, Patti(832) 927-6585Operations Coordinator
Laster, Tamisha(713) 274-4591Infant / Toddler Court
Long, Vickie(832) 927-6587Business Process Manager
Lonon, Debbie(832) 927-6588Admin/Charge Bank Coord
Lopez, Norma(832) 927-4346Fel. Mental Health Coord.
Love, Melissa(832) 927-2710Operations Coordinator Civil
Loza, Jennifer(832) 927-6576Receptionist
Martinez, Diana(713) 755-5880Grand Jury Bailiff
Milom, Cindy(713) 222-4875Juvenile Manager
Montero, Gabriel(832) 927-4303RIC Coordinator
Ochsner, Mindy(832) 927-6589Alt Coordinator
Pete, Yavaka(713) 222-4871Juv Admin Asst
Ponce, Adriana(713) 222-4870Sr. Admin Asst Juvenile
Ramon, Ralph(832) 927-6590Alt Coordinator
Richard, Tramesha(832) 927-6617Impact Court Coordinator
Sellman, Mike(832) 927-6556Support Specialist
Spangle, Shelly(832) 927-6583Admin Asst-Human Res/Ben
Stark, Logan(832) 927-6593Programming Specialist
Stevens, Ofelia(832) 927-3604Court Reporter Manager
Teachey, Lisa(832) 927-6580Staff Attorney
Thomas-Brice, Erica(832) 927-6585Alt. Coordinator
Tucker, Sheri(832) 927-6594Jury Charge Bank
Wei, Wei(832) 927-6597Programming Specialist
Wells, Chris(832) 927-6598Asst Court Administrator
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Harris County Administrative Offices of the District Courts
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