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  Civil Ancillary Information

Under Rule 3.5 Ancillary Docket of the Harris County Rules of the Civil Trial Division, the ancillary docket consists of the following:

(a) Applications for temporary restraining orders;

(b) Motions to dissolve or modify temporary restraining orders;

(c) Motions to modify the bond for a temporary restraining order;

(d) Motions to authorize emergency medical treatment;

(e) Requests before any suit has been filed to appoint umpires or arbitrators;

(f) The following matters, when brought under Chapter 81 of the Texas Health & Safety Code:

(i)   Motions for orders of protective custody;

(ii)  Motions for orders of temporary protective custody;

(iii) Motions for orders for temporary detention pending a hearing on a motion to modify an order for outpatient treatment;

(iv) Appointment of attorneys for persons subject to protective custody or detention orders; and

(v)   Probable cause hearings. 

Ancillary court’s primary role is to hear applications for temporary restraining orders (“TROs”). The purpose of a TRO is to preserve the status quo of the litigation’s subject matter until a hearing on an application for Temporary Injunction.   It is an extraordinary remedy and does not issue as a matter of right.       

A clerk is assigned to ancillary court.  The ancillary clerk’s office is located on the 2nd floor, Suite 208 of the Harris County Civil Courthouse, 201 Caroline.  To reach the clerk, call 832-927-5732 or email  alexandro.casares@hcdistrictclerk.com.         

The civil district court judges share the responsibility of ancillary court on a rotating basis.  To find out which judge is currently assigned to ancillary court, please go to the Judicial Assignment’s page [www.justex.net/JudicialAssignments/Ancillary.aspx].  Future assignments to ancillary court are not publically disclosed.  The judges hear ancillary matters in their own courtrooms, located on floors 9 – 14 of the civil courthouse. 

Please notify the clerk that you will need a hearing in the ancillary court before appearing at the courthouse.  The clerk may be able to provide some time management assistance. 

Ancillary hearings with only one party present (ex parte) are discouraged.  Unless it clearly appears from the facts shown that immediate and irreparable injury, loss or damage will result to the applicant if notice is given, the ancillary judge will require notice be given to the other side and provide an opportunity for the other side to be heard.  The filed pleadings should be served on the other side in advance of appearing for an ancillary court hearing. 

Although the pleadings must be e-filed, please bring a courtesy copy to ancillary court for the ancillary judge. 

Click here to view Civil Ancillary FAQs (located at bottom of FAQ page)
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