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270th Civil Court
Judge Dedra Davis
Harris County Civil Courthouse
201 Caroline, 13th Floor
Houston, Texas 77002
General Civil Court Information
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Court Staff
Court Phone: (832) 927-2270
Law Clerk: Vacant(832) 927-2261
Clerk: Vacant
Assistant Clerk: Vacant
Coordinator: Daiquiri Roy(832) 927-2250
Bailiff: Reginald Thomas(832) 927-2254
Court Reporter: Vacant(832) 927-2251
Court Recorder: Cornita McDaniel(832) 927-2251
Current Trial DocketTop

***Please contact the Court Recorder at 832-927-2251 for immediate assistance***

The 270th Court announces that we now offer e-hearings for your convenience. 



**Harris County has suspended Jury Service through July 31, 2020. **

?Any case on the Two-week docket can be ASSIGNED TO TRIAL. 

June 01, 2020, Two Week Docket
2018-15277Motor Vehicle AccidentNon-Jury
2018-56778 Other CivilNon-Jury
2018-72689 PremisesNon-Jury
2018-75612 Motor Vehicle AccidentNon-Jury
2018-76137     Debt/ContractNon-Jury
2018-76247     Other CivilNon-Jury
2018-77760 DamagesNon-Jury
2018-81517         Product Liability Non-Jury    
2019-19140     DamagesNon-Jury
2019-24360         Debt/ContractNon-Jury
2019-26862       Debt/ContractNon-Jury
2019-27699         Debt/ContractNon-Jury
2019-27864         Other CivilNon-Jury
2019-30635 Motor Vehicle AccidentNon-Jury
2019-32053    Damages Non-Jury    

June 15, 2020 Two-week docket
2015-75585Assigned - TriedDamagesNon-Jury
 2016-77644     Want A JuryOther PropertyNon-Jury
2017-57888 Assigned 06/23/20Motor Vehicle Accident Non-Jury
2018-42466     Non-SuitedDebt/ContractNon-Jury
2018-45553     Med-MalNon-Jury
2018-46061     Debt/ContractNon-Jury
2018-80950     Assigned - TriedPartitionNon-Jury
2018-86959     NonsuitedDamagesNon-Jury
2019-00109     Continuance GrantedInsuranceNon-Jury

June 29, 2020 Two-week docket
 2017-06519      Case Settled Motor Vehicle Accident Non-Jury
 2018-46417     Assigned July 01, 2020Other PropertyNon-Jury
2018-46497     Assigned July 02, 2020Premises Non-Jury
2018-56682        Continuance FiledDebt/ContractNon-Jury
 2019-01295       Vacation Letter Other Civil Non-Jury

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