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270th Civil Court
Judge Dedra Davis
Harris County Civil Courthouse
201 Caroline, 13th Floor
Houston, Texas 77002
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Court Staff
Court Phone: (832) 927-2270
Clerk: Anna Evetts(832) 927-2270
Assistant Clerk: vacant832-927-2270
Coordinator: Daiquiri Roy(832) 927-2250
Bailiff: Reginald Thomas(832) 927-2254
Court Reporter: open
Current Trial DocketTop
January 06, 2019, Two Week Docket
 2014-06972 Assigned Jan 08, 2020  Breach of Contract Non-Jury
 Debt/ ContractJury
2016-43426 Motor Vehicle AccidentJury
2016-56324 Damages Jury
2016-87323  Motor Vehicle Accident Jury
2017-27287 Motor Vehicle Accident  Jury
2017-32657Motor Vehicle accidentJury
2017-33779  Debt/Contract Non-Jury
2017-41023 Motor Vehicle Accident Jury
2017-43848 Other Civil Jury
2017-56891  Motor Vehicle Accident  Jury
2017-61216Motor Vehicle Accident  Jury
2017-73222Assigned Jan 8 2020 Tortious Interference  Jury
2018-07460  Motor Vehicle Accident Jury
2018-12702  Motor Vehicle Accident Jury
 2018-23406  Product Liability Non-Jury
 2018-28519  Product Liability  Jury
 2018-34162  Damages Jury
 2018-40700  Premises Jury
 2018-41895 Damages   Non-Jury
 2018-43870 Damages  Jury
 2018-65482 Other Contract Non-Jury
 2018-65687  Motor Vehicle AccidentJury 
 2018-65822 Debt / Contract  Jury
 2018-66060  Motor Vehicle Accident Non-Jury
 2018-66360  Premises Jury
 2018-66438  Premises Jury
 2018-66488     Motor Vehicle Accident Jury
 2018-66663  Debt/Contract Non-Jury
 2018-73161  Motor Vehicle Accident Jury
 2018-73706  Product/ Liability Jury
 2018-73746  Motor Vehicle Accident Non-Jury
 2018-74441  Damages Jury

January  20, 2019, Two Week Docket
 2013-56288  Assault/ Battery Non-Jury
 2017-32097  Motor Vehicle Accident  Jury
 2017-49613  Motor Vehicle Accident  Jury
 2017-51980  Motor Vehicle Accident Jury
 2017-61186 Motor Vehicle Accident  Jury
 2017-65012  Motor Vehicle Accident  Jury
 2017-72722  Motor Vehicle Accident Jury
 2017-78676  Motor Vehicle Accident Jury
 2017-81568  Damages Jury
 2018-00458 Damages Jury
 2017-02260  Premises Jury
 2018-04286 Retaliation Jury
 2018-10974 Motor Vehicle AccidentJury 
 2018-18861 Trespass To Try TitleNon-Jury 
 2018-32274 Motor Vehicle Accident  Jury
 2018-44127 Motor Vehicle Accident Jury 
 2018-50231 Motor Vehicle Accident Jury
 2018-53860 Motor Vehicle Accident Jury 
 2018-54241 Motor Vehicle Accident  Jury 
 2018-54312 Motor Vehicle Accident   Jury
 2018-66978 Debt/Contract Non-Jury
 2018-68762  Premises Jury
 2018-68874 Motor Vehicle Accident Jury
 2018-69587 Motor Vehicle Accident  Jury
2018-70881  Motor Vehicle Accident  Jury
 2018-72689  Premises Non-Jury
 2018-75354  Other Civil Jury
 2018-75574  Motor Vehicle Accident  Non-Jury
 2018-76540  Debt/ContractJury 
 2018-76982 Motor Vehicle Accident  Jury
 2018-77760  Damages Non-Jury

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