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Civil Court Judges
11 Judge Mike D. Miller165 Judge Debra Ibarra Mayfield
55 Judge Jeff Shadwick189 Judge Bill Burke
61 Judge Erin Lunceford190 Judge Patricia J. Kerrigan
80 Judge Larry Weiman215 Judge Elaine H. Palmer
113 Judge Michael Landrum234 Judge Wesley Ward
125 Judge Kyle Carter269 Judge Dan Hinde
127 Judge R.K. Sandill270 Judge Brent Gamble
129 Judge Michael Gomez281 Judge Sylvia A. Matthews
133 Judge Jaclanel McFarland295 Judge Caroline E. Baker
151 Judge Mike Engelhart333 Judge Joseph J. "Tad" Halbach Jr.
152 Judge Robert Schaffer334 Judge Grant Dorfman
157 Judge Randy WilsonMDL Judge Mark Davidson
164 Judge Alexandra Smoots-HoganTAX Tax Masters
General Civil Court Information
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