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Current Trial Docket

Check this website daily for updates. Updates frequently.

Docket Call:     The 11th  District Court does not have a Docket Call.  Your case is on call for the entire two-week period. You may be called to trial at any time during this two week period.  You will be assigned for trial when the coordinator calls you and tells you what day and time to appear.  Do not come to court until you are assigned.

Settlements:     If your case has settled, notify the court as soon possible. Continue settlement negotiations until you arrive at the Courthouse.

Continuances:     File motions for continuance before you are assigned to trialAgreed continuances do not need a hearing unless it is a third setting or more. Trial dates prior to continuances are not given until the case is continued and reset, notice will be mailed out.  Parties can submit an agreed DCO accordingly.

Vacation Letters:     To enforce a vacation setting, submit a letter to the Court and copy all parties. If the attorney of record has a vacation letter covering both weeks of the trial setting, you do not need a motion for continuance. Your case will be reset at the end of the two-week period.  Check Local Rules for non-summer months.

Pretrial conferences:     See the Court’s local rules.

Jury Charges:     Email proposed jury charges to the court reporter Mark Miller at mark_miller@justex.net once you have been assigned to trial.

Exhibits:     Please provide hard copies and electronic copies of exhibits. Electronic copies need to be in PDF with OCR (word search capability). 

Motions in Limine:     The Court has a standing motion in limine. This does not need to be filed with the Court. 

Hearings:     Contact the clerk at 832.927-2600.

New trial settings and DCOs are set by the Court and mailed as time permits.

Thank you for your continued understanding and patience.

********************************************COURT NEWS*****************************************************
If you are inquiring about hearings, please call the clerks at 832-927-2600.  If you have a phone conference scheduled please call the conference number on the day you are set and time and patiently wait for the Judge to call your case, please mute yourself until called.  The number to call if you are scheduled is: 832-927-8888 code is 9272600#

Order No Electronic Recordings.pdf

11th court phone hearing guidelines.pdf

11th DC Order Re Video Conf_Tele Conf.pdf

PLEASE NOTE:  Please be ready for trial during your two-week docket.  All cases are on stand-by/ON CALL.  We are conducting trials in person.

(update: 08.15.2022)

Trial Docket 08.15.2022.pdf

Please inform the Court of status of your case for scheduling purposes.


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