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Telephonic and Video Conferencing Instructions


Please click to view the HC DISTRICT COURTS JOINT STATEMENT (COVID-19 HEALTH & SAFETY CONCERNS) and CIVIL DIVISION FIRST AMENDED ALTERNATE SCHEDULE (SCHEDULING PROCEDURES COVID-19) concerning jury and non-jury trials as well as oral hearings in the 151st Civil District Court.  Any member of the public may attend a hearing conducted through telephonic or video conferencing before the 151st Civil District Court.  These procedures are to be used in conjunction with the Court Procedures for the 151st Civil District Court of Harris County, Texas and the Local Rules of the Civil Trial Division.



The court will only hear "Essential Court Matters" as defined in the CIVIL DIVISION FIRST AMENDED ALTERNATE SCHEDULE (SCHEDULING PROCEDURES COVID-19).  Please contact the court clerk at 832-927-2455 to reschedule your oral hearing for a later date or the alternative method, unless we have already contacted you.  The court will provide a telephone conference number or a Zoom link and meeting ID in advance of your scheduled hearing.  Please click the appropriate link below to view the telephone conference number or Zoom link and meeting ID.





All telephonic and video conference hearings will be available for public viewing at https://video.ibm.com/channel/hRahnQY6RUJ.  Please note, the recording or broadcasting of any court proceeding including by telephone or video, is prohibited by Local Rules.  Subject to contempt if violated.



  • Dress appropriately and professionally.

  • Be on time.

  • Be mindful of the scheduled estimated time for hearings.

  • Wait until the court calls your case.

  • Speak loud, clearly and slowly.

  • Identify yourself and who you represent before a hearing begins to the Judge and the court reporter.

  • If someone is speaking, do not interrupt them.

  • If appearing by telephone only, identify yourself each time you speak.

  • If you want a reporter’s record made, advise the court before the hearing by calling the clerks at 832-927-2455 or when your case is called, let the Judge know you want your hearing reported.



Parties are directed to call in a couple of minutes before their allotted time.  The Judge will make his appearance and ask the parties to make their announcements starting with plaintiff first.  Once the hearing has started, attendees are directed to take the phone off speaker to avoid unnecessary background noise and disruption.  Please note, the recording or broadcasting of any court proceeding including by telephone or video, is prohibited by Local Rules.  Subject to contempt if violated.



Before joining a meeting on a computer or mobile device, be sure to download the free ZOOM application onto your device.  Otherwise, you will be prompted to download and install Zoom when you click a join link.  In addition, check system requirements to avoid any connection issues.  Click here for instructions on Configuring Audio & Video and How to Test Speaker & Microphone.  If you are joining by telephone/audio conferencing, please dial 346-248-7799 and enter the meeting ID followed by #.  Please note, the recording or broadcasting of any court proceeding including by telephone or video, is prohibited by Local Rules.  Subject to contempt if violated.


When you join a meeting, please remember to:

  • Rename your screen to display who you are and who you represent.  For example:  John Doe for Plaintiff or Jane Doe (GAL) or Petitioner (IN RE)

  • Click Chat in meeting controls to display Zoom Group Chat on your dashboard.

  • Mute button when you are not speaking to avoid unnecessary background noise and disruption.

  • Refrain from using the speakerphone on your mobile phone.


Note:  Zoom allows for screen sharing during a meeting from your meeting controls, please click one of the following on how to share content or share multiple screens simultaneously.  For further information, please click on zoom video tutorials.



ATTENTION:  These instructions do not apply to matters on Monday’s Law Day Docket (Hearings).


Any party needing to admit exhibits for a non-jury trial and temporary injunction must scan them and email them in a share link file directly to the court reporter in pdf format in advance.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call the court reporter at 832-927-2464.

  • All exhibits must be premarked exhibit stickers and the pdf file for each exhibit labeled accordingly.  PLAINTIFF’S EXHIBITS are to be marked with yellow stickers and DEFENDANT’S EXHIBITS marked with blue stickers.

  • Redactions should be made prior to the exhibit being offered.

  • Copies of all proposed exhibits should also be provided to the court as per the standard requirements for courtesy copies at keeley.hodgins@hcdistrictclerk.com.

  • To request a previous reporter’s record, please contact the court reporter at carolyn_coronado@justex.net or call 832-927-2464.

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