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Registered Mediators

Judge Elaine H. Palmer

Registered Mediators
Mediator Appointments

The 84th Legislature enacted Chapter 37 of the government Code, which directs the courts in how to administer their dockets.  Among other things, the new statute requires each Texas court to keep and publish "a list of all persons who are registered with the court to serve as mediator."  Gov't Code Sec. 37.003(a)(3).

New Gov't Code Sec. 37.004(b) provides as follows:

In each case in which the appointment of a mediator is necessary because the parties to the case are unable to agree on a mediator, a court, using a rotation system, shall appoint the person whose name appears first on the mediator list maintained by the court as required under Section 37.003.

The 215th District Court does not require mediation in every case, and it does not appoint mediators.  In those rare instances in which Court orders mediation, the attorneys for the parties are required to agree on a mediator.  Counsel may agree to employ the services of any mediator they desire.  If the parties are unable to select a mediator, they may refer to the list of those who are registered with the court, or they may choose to employ the services of the Dispute Resolution Center, Harris County.

The list furnished below comprises all persons who have registered with the court as mediators by providing their names and contact information.  There is no other criteria for inclusion on this list.  Neither the Court nor anyone else has reviewed the qualifications for experience of those listed below.
Inclusion of  a mediator's name on the list below is not an endorsement, and no person so listed may state or imply that they have been approved by the 215th District Court for any reason  or purpose.  Any such representation would violate the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct.

1.     Gerald M. Birnberg
2.     Henry J. Blum
3.     Timothy A. Fjeldal
4.     S. Tanner Garth
5.     Jack Hardin
6.     Laura Hunt
7.     Dwight Jefferson
8.     Charles E. Johnson
9.     Jose R. Lopez, II
10.   Frank C. Price
11.   Elizabeth Ray
12.   Jerry L. Rios

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