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Standing Pre-Trial Order

CAUSE NO.  ______-_____________


                                                                        §          IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF


v.                                                                                                       §          HARRIS COUNTY, T E X A S


                                                                                                          §          55th JUDICIAL DISTRICT


Standing Pre-Trial Order


At least three days before trial, or the Pre-Trial Conference, the parties must serve upon each other the following items (if any) for review:


1.     Motion in Limine

2.     Video Deposition Offers and Objections

3.     Exhibit Lists (2 extra copies – one for the Court Reporter and one for the Judge)

4.     Stipulations

5.     Briefs/Cases

6.     Proposed Jury Questions


Please file your Motion in Limine with the Clerk so that the Court may review it in preparation for trial


Prior to the day of trial or Pre-Trial Conference, the parties shall review each others’ items as set forth above and make their best efforts to agree upon as many exhibits, deposition offers, limine items and jury questions as possible.


At the appearance for jury selection/trial/Pre-Trial Conference, bring the originals of the items listed above directly to the Presiding Judge for filing, review, discussion and rulings.


Signed February 7, 2012.



Hon. Jeff Shadwick 

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