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Current Trial Docket

Listed below is the current trial docket for the 270th District Court.  If you have any questions regarding the trial docket, please contact the trial coordinator, Monica Nunez at 832.927.2250 or by email at Monica_Nunez@justex.net.

1.  The 270th District Court does not conduct Docket Call.

2.  Pre-Trial Conferences are conducted at the time of trial, unless additional time is requested to conduct hearings on Daubert motions, obtain rulings on voluminous deposition excerpts, etc.

3.  Motions for Continuances need to be filed prior to the trial date.  If you have a vacation letter on file for both weeks of the trial docket and you are the attorney of record, submit a letter to the court stating you will enforce your vacation letter.  An order resetting the trial will be mailed out at the end of the two-week docket period. Please refer to the Local Rules concerning summer months and non-summer months.

4.  All Pre-Trial Orders are due on Monday, two weeks before the trial date.  Mark and exchange exhibits with opposing counsel seven (7) days before trial.

5.  You are on stand-by notice the entire two-week trial period.  Cases may be called out of order, depending on the Court's schedule. 

6.  Do not make an appearance for trial until you have received a call from the trial coordinator, assigning you to trial on a specific date and time.  Any questions regarding the submission or oral docket need to be directed to the court clerks at 832.927.2270 or by email at Danielle.Gutierrez@hcdistrictclerk.com or SashaGaye.Prince@hcdistrictclerk.com  

Thank you for your cooperation.

July 16, 2018 - July 27, 2018: Two-week Docket

1.   2009-65451Insurance Policy Jury Assigned: 7.23.18 @ 9 a.m.
2.   2012-39781Personal InjuryJuryContinued
3.   2013-43774Debt Non-Jury Vac. letter - 1st week
4.   2013-56288Assault/BatteryNon-Jury Continued
5.   2014-64671Malicious ProsecutionJury Assigned: 7.16.18 @ 9 a.m. IN TRIAL
6.   2014-69556 Personal Injury - Auto Jury Hold for 2nd week
7.   2015-40780 Premises Jury 
8.   2015-54117 Motor Vehicle Accident Jury Reset: vac. letter on file 
9.   2015-64823Motor Vehicle Accident Jury Reset: vac. letter on file
10. 2016-35501 Motor Vehicle Accident Jury Disposed
11. 2016-47291 Motor Vehicle Accident Jury Continued
12. 2016-48478Motor Vehicle AccidentJuryReset: vac. letter on file
13. 2016-50614 Motor Vehicle Accident Jury 
14. 2016-51874 Tax AppraisalNon-Jury Reset: vac. letter on file
15. 2016-52087Motor Vehicle AccidentJury Reset: vac. letter on file
16. 2016-53796Motor Vehicle Accident Jury 
17. 2016-54112 Landlord/TenantJury 
18. 2016-63609 Debt/ContractNon-Jury Disposed
19. 2016-83832 Motor Vehicle Accident Jury Continued
20. 2017-06877 Motor Vehicle Accident Jury Continued
21. 2017-07161Motor Vehicle AccidentJury 
22. 2017-26245 Motor Vehicle Accident Jury Continued
23. 2017-36095 PremisesJuryContinued
24. 2017-37158 Motor Vehicle Accident Jury Continued
25. 2017-37921Malpractice - Legal Non-Jury Bankruptcy
26. 2017-41075 Debt/Contract Jury Disposed
27. 2017-41376 Motor Vehicle Accident Jury  

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