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Mediation Appointments



Mediator Appointments

The 84th Legislature enacted Chapter 37 of the Government Code, which directs the courts in how to administer their dockets. 

Section 37.004(b) of the Texas Government Code states as follows: 

In each case in which the appointment of a mediator is necessary because the parties to the case are unable to agree on a mediator, a court using a rotation system shall appoint the person whose name appears first on the mediator list maintained by the court as required under § 37.003.

The new law does not change the previous rule that a court may appoint those mediators on whom the parties agree. Tex. Gov’t Code § 37.004(c).  Moreover, on a finding of good cause, a court may appoint a qualified person included on the applicable list who is not next on the list and may appoint someone whose name does not appear on the list on a complex matter. Id. at § 37.004(d). 

In the vast majority of cases, counsel work out the details of mediation without involving the court.  Occasionally, the parties are unable to agree on whether to attend mediation and ask for the court’s involvement.  In those cases where mediation is ordered, the lawyers generally agree on a mediator.  In those rare cases where the parties are not able to agree, the court will appoint a mediator.  In deciding who may be a suitable mediator, counsel may refer to those who have registered with the court, or they may choose to employ the services of the Dispute Resolution Center.

The list below consists of all persons who have indicated a desire to be included on this court’s list of mediators.  There is no criteria for inclusion on this list.  Neither the Court nor anyone on behalf of the Court has reviewed the qualifications or experience of those included on the list and inclusion on the list is neither an endorsement nor recommendation.  Further, mediators’ fees vary and are not set by the Court, so you should contact the particular mediator to discuss their mediation fees prior to selecting the mediator. The parties may agree to employ the services of any mediator they desire (whether they are on the Court’s list or not)  If you would like to be included on this list, please let the Court know.  

Fredericka Phillips, Judge
61st District Court 

Ezenwanyi Abii
Jeff Abrams
Kent Altsuler
Levi Benton
Gerald Birnberg
Trey Bergman
Henry Blum
Joseph Callier
Meredith Canada
Dana Carter
Eric G. Carter
Tanya Chaney
Matthew Chappell
Kathy Cheng
Paul Clote
Bryan Coleman
Michael Connelly
S. Craig Daniell
Carrie Cravens
Sarah Duckers
Thelma Elizalde
Tim Fjeldal
Mark Flanagan
Bernardo Garza
Tanner Garth
Vanessa Gilmore
Terry Fry
Jack Hardin
Hal Hargis
Loretta Higgins (CPA)
Dan Hinde
Larry Hinojosa
Franklin Holcomb
Steven C. Howard
Charles Edward Johnson
Gregory Jones
John W. Kelly, Jr.
Katie Kennedy
Jon King
Seth Kretzer  
Amy Nago Lacy 
Scott Link  
Jose R. Lopez
Sylvia Mayer
Melissa Back McAlpine
Charles Peckham
Denise Peterson
Frank C. Price
Paul Rodriguez, Jr.
Elizabeth Ray
Josefina Rendon
Jerry Rios
Michael Sanders
Stewart Schmella
Trace Sherer
Tom Shipp
Robin Taylor
Mark Toubin
David C. Vuong
Frederick Wagner
 David West
Douglas Wilson
John T. Wooldridge
Michael Wright



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