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Trial Docket

Should you have any questions about the trial docket please contact Betsy Wall at 832-927-2483, or by email at betsy_wall@justex.net.

1. The cases are listed by age, this does NOT mean that is the order that the Court is going to call them to trial. The 133rd does not have a docket call. You may check with the Trial Coordinator the Friday before your trial setting is to begin.

2. If you are attorney of record and have a timely filed vacation letter that covers both weeks of the setting, you do not need a motion for continuance, as your case will be reset and a new trial notice will be mailed.

3. Pre trial conferences are held at time of trial, unless parties request an earlier conference or the court deems necessary.

4. Your case is on call for the entire two-week period. This means you may be called to trial at any time during that two-week period.

5. You will be assigned to trial when the trial coordinator phones you and assigns you a date and time to appear. Do not come to court until you are assigned.

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