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209th Criminal Court
Judge Brian E Warren
Harris County Criminal Justice Center
1201 Franklin, 17th Floor
Houston, Texas 77002
Criminal Court Information
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Court Staff
Court Phone: (832) 927-3975
Fax Number: (832) 927-3995
Clerk: Shannon Charleston(832) 927-3979
Assistant Clerk: N/A
Court Liaison Officer: Jackie Scurry(832) 927-3975
Coordinator: Tom Jones(832) 927-3975
Bailiff: Victor Ordonez(832) 927-3975
Process Server: Jose Delacruz(832) 927-3975
Court Reporter: Amanda Fazio(832) 927-3975
209th Criminal Court Information
Bond Docket resets due to Covid-19
Standing Order for Criminal Cases Pending in the 209th District CourtTop

 Standing Order for Criminal Cases Pending in the 209th District Court

In order to provide clarity and direction to those individuals practicing before the Court and those individuals appearing before the Court, the following rules will be adopted; 


Attorneys do not need to approach on every reset.  Certainly, if there is need to address any matter relating to a case or discovery, the Court is at your disposal to discuss and resolve any matters.  Attorneys are only required to approach when:

  1. The case is unindicted after 90 days.                            
  2. The case is 365 days old.
  3. Defendant is on probation or has an MAJ /MRP.
  4. Defendant has pending bond conditions or violations.
  5. The case is on the trial docket.


Any Defendant not represented by counsel MUST appear in Court.

Defendants MUST appear for the following settings

  1. Initial Appearance or PACA
  2. If the defendant has pending bond conditions or violations.
  3. At the first setting once the case reaches the 90 day mark.
  4. If the case remains unindicted after 90 days, the defendant must appear until the case is indicted.
  5. The case is 365 days old or older.
  6. Defendant is on probation or has an MAJ /MRP.
  7. The case is set for disposition or plea.
  8. Or if specifically told to appear before the Court.

The 209th does not want defendants to appear by zoom.  Any attorney for the State or Defense may of course appear by zoom.  A case may be reset with a signature from a defendant on a reset.  If the defendant has been in contact with their attorney, they are excused from court UNLESS they meet the criteria above.

A defendant must appear in person if the case is set for an evidentiary hearing. 

Off Docket matters

The court will take up “off docket” matters at 11:30 am. on days the court is regularly scheduled.  The attorney for the prosecution must be notified prior to approaching.  The court will not discuss any matters in which the defendant is currently fugitive from justice.    

The Court allows ‘walk through’ bonds.  The attorney for the prosecution must be notified as well as the court clerk.  These matters will not be heard during non-docket days.


The 209th is only doing electronic pleas. All plea documents must be electronically signed in the kiosk by both attorney and defendant prior to court setting otherwise attorney must report to court or send a representative to obtain the defendant’s signatures. The court staff will not print plea paperwork or electronically collect signatures on the attorney’s behalf. The Clerk cannot accept e mailed, paper or electronically filed plea paperwork.

Attorneys wishing to contact the attorneys for the state may do so by e-mail:

These are the prosecutors assigned to the 209th District Court.  

FCLD: Almaguer_Alyson@dao.hctx.net

Sex Crimes: Baty_Lucas@dao.hctx.net

#3: FULLER_RYAN@dao.hctx.net

#2: MARSHALL_REBECCA@dao.hctx.net

Chief: Raine_Chandler@dao.hctx.net



Court #



Docket Days/ Times


Judge Brian Warren


17th floor

10:00 am

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
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