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Zoom Process for Attorneys

Attorneys currently have the option of appearing by Zoom for docket Monday - Friday at 8:30 a.m.

Join Zoom Audio/Video by going to:

Meeting ID 781-898-7728

Join Zoom by phone: 346-248-7799 (Houston)

Defendants should not log onto Zoom.  If a Defendant is needed on Zoom, the attorney will be asked to call their client and let them know they need to log on.

When attorneys log on, they will be in the waiting room before being admitted to the Zoom docket.

Attorneys should chat (or text or email) the prosecutor(s) to let them know s/he is there and what case they are appearing on.  Attorneys should confer by whatever means works best for them.

After conferring:

  • Approach if needed (you will not be called on unless there are special circumstances)
  • If your client is in custody, call your client in the holdover
  • If your client is on bond and in the courtroom, let Anthony know so they can be given a reset form
  • Email Anthony for a new court date
    • A standard reset is 60 days
    • If nothing can be done on the case within 60 days (BWC, eval, etc.), please request a longer reset to avoid needless court dates
    • CC the prosecutor on the email

The Court's goal is to have a consistent Zoom protocol to make the hybrid docket function as smoothly as possible and prevent unnecessary case resets.

The process will be tweaked as needed and any changes will be posted on this website.


A week's notice will be provided before Zoom is discontinued.  Notice will be sent as an email and posted in the Zoom meeting, signs will be placed multiple places in the courtroom, and this website will be updated.



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