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263rd Court Procedures

Masks are required in all courthouses

Community Supervision

• TRAS evaluations must almost always be completed before a Defendant pleas to probation or deferred adjudication.
• • Attorneys: Please check with the CLO know before approaching the bench for a Motion to Adjudicate or Motion to Revoke.
• If a defendant has a pending Motion to Adjudicate or Motion to Revoke Probation, they must appear in person at every court setting.


• Defendants must appear in person to schedule a TRAS.
• Attorneys: After the Defendant has completed the TRAS, contact the CLO for the TRAS recommendation and discuss the recommendation with the Defendant before the next court setting.
• If a Defendant misses a scheduled TRAS, they must contact the court immediately and not wait until the next court setting.


• For outstanding warrants, a Defendant may "walk through" after the court sets a bond if the defendant is present with a licensed bail bondsman.
• The Defendant and attorney must check-in with the bailiff immediately upon arriving in Court.
• Bond will not be set for Defendants that are not present in court or in custody in Harris County.

Off-Docket Resets

Absent special circumstances, off-docket resets will not be considered UNLESS (1) the Defendant is on bond, (2) the case is less than 6 months old, and (3) the Court is contacted at least 2 business days before the date of the setting.


• With few exceptions, when a document is e-filed it is accepted by the Clerk, but it is not put in the judge's que.
• To have something forwarded to the judge, please call, email, or  approach the Clerk (email addresses are on the court's website).

Motions to Substitute

• Anyone filing Motions to Substitute on a case 6 months or older must approach. It is helpful to the Clerk if the Harris County SPN number is included in the motion.
• A defendant's current attorney must be notified that they are being subbed out.

Emergency events that hinder courthouse access

If HISD closes, the Court will not have docket.

In the event of a hurricane, a freeze, a flood, the opening of a portal to another dimension or any other disaster in which access to the courthouse is limited, cases will automatically be reset to the next upcoming Friday. 

Please watch the Harris County District Clerk's website for updates.

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