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All, here is a little guidance on what to expect from the 337th this week as we await Tropical Storm Nicholas.


First, please call and encourage your clients to not drive down to the courthouse if they are set on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. This includes if they are set for a plea. We will reschedule all pleas and hearings for the coming weeks unless your client is insistent on taking care of the matter in person this week, in which case we will be happy to handle their business unless the Court is closed. Which brings me to our second issue.


The 337th generally follows HISD in terms of closing, so if you hear that HISD has called off classes then the 337th is closed as well. We will, of course, still send an email updating everyone if that happens.


Lastly, please feel free to Zoom in even if the Court is open. You are, of course, welcome to come down in person as we will be there, but if Zooming makes more sense for you/is safer, Zoom will be up and running.


This all pertains to this Monday through Wednesday. We are hopeful that the weather and its effects will be past us by Thursday, but will keep you updated with any changes as the week progresses. 


Please stay safe!


Colleen Gaido

Judge, 337th District Court

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