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184th Criminal Court
Judge Abigail Anastasio
Harris County Civil Courthouse
201 Caroline, 10th Floor
Houston, Texas 77002
Criminal Court Information
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Local Rules for the Criminal Courts...
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Jury Charge Bank
Court Staff
Court Phone: (832) 927-3900
Fax Number: (832) 927-3920
Clerk: William Jones(832) 927-3905
Assistant Clerk: Akeria Jordan-Lister(832) 927-3903
Court Liaison Officer: Regina Ramos(832) 927-3909
Coordinator: Chandra Boyston(832) 927-3900
Bailiff: Anthony Stamper(832) 927-3906
Bailiff: Gregory Brush(832) 927-3900
Process Server: N/A
Court Reporter: Cynthia Lee(832) 927-3911
Prosecutors assigned to the Court
Chief Prosecutor: Andrea Koch
Prosecutor #2: James Gordon
Prosecutor #3: Juliana Shaw
FCLD Prosecutor: Mary Grace Bullard
Child Abuse Prosecutor: Jill Jamaleddine
184th Criminal Court Information
This Week's Location

Court #



Docket Days/ Times


Judge Abigail Anastasio

10th floor


8:30 a.m.

Jail dockets are scheduled daily during jail weeks at the Criminal Justice Center.  Bond dockets are held at the Civil Courthouse during bond weeks.  Please see the
 FAQS Section for more detailed information.




  1. State v. Sergio Prieto 1538383 (SCU)

  2. State v. Annastashia Woods 1581853 (3)

  3. State v. Kevin Santee 1592676  (3)

  4. State v. Fabian Ballestros 15386939 / 1522648 (2)


  1. State v. David Greer 1578142 (3)

  2. State v. Ryan Luke 1487623 / 1531738 (2)

  3. State v. Rogelio Costa-Reyes 1571794 (3)


  1. State v. Annastashia Woods 1581853 (3)

  2. State v. Enrique Baez (2)

  3. State v. Henry Williams (3)

  4. State v. Derick Martin (FCLD)

  5. State v. Andrew Fehr (3)


State v. Charles Alyea 1476015 (C)





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