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208th Criminal Court
Judge Greg Glass
Harris County Criminal Justice Center
1201 Franklin, 17th Floor
Houston, Texas 77002
Criminal Court Information
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Jury Charge Bank
Court Staff
Court Phone: (832) 927-3950
Clerk: Lucy Garza(832) 927-3950
Assistant Clerk: TBD
Court Liaison Officer: Jeanette Camargo(832) 927-3950
Coordinator: Brittany Jones(832) 927-3950
Bailiff: Hugh Wright(832) 927-3950
Court Reporter: Deanne Bridwell(832) 927-3950
Prosecutors assigned to the Court
Chief Prosecutor: Xochitl Vandiver-Gaskin(713) 274-0355
Prosecutor #2: Bethany Belisle(713) 274-0355
Prosecutor #3: Rashonda Shaw(713) 274-0355
FCLD Prosecutor: Tiera Johnson-Williams
Court InformationTop

Docket call:

Docket call is Monday-Friday, promptly at 9am.

This court DOES NOT waive appearances. Defendants are required to appear via zoom or in person.

Per Judge Glass, counsels are to appear at docket call. If they are running behind, counsels must notify the court, no later than 10am of their late arrival. Emails or phone calls are acceptable forms of notification of tardiness.


Zoom Link and rules:


Meeting ID: 343 943 3616

This court DOES NOT waive appearances. Defendants are required to appear via zoom or in person.

Defendants may zoom into court if all of the following applies to their case:

-It is not the defendant’s first/initial setting.

-The defendant has an attorney assigned to their case

-The defendant has not been instructed by pretrial, their counsel, or bondsman that an in person appearance is required.

-There are no pending bond violations against the defendant

-The defendant’s case will not be disposed of at the court setting.

-The defendant is not set for jury or court trial.

The following rules apply to zoom appearances:

-Defendants are to zoom in promptly at 9am, being on “stand-by” is not acceptable.

-Defendants must be properly dressed for docket. Clothes are required, as you are still appearing in a criminal court.

-Defendants are to not be laying in the bed or appear to be sleeping while attending court.

-Defendants’ names on zoom must be name that is set on the 208th’s docket. “John Doe” is acceptable. “$$$Mike” or “iPhone” is not. If your actual name is not annotated correctly on zoom, you will be counted as absent for docket.


Off-Docket matters and Walk-through bonds:

This court does allow off-docket matters to be brought before the court’s attention, however the court will only hear off-docket matters at the conclusion of docket. Counsels may approach the court no sooner than 12pm to bring forth these matters to the court.

Court does grant walk-through bonds for the defendants. Be advised that the defendant must be PRESENT in court. Zoom appearances for walk-throughs will not suffice and will not be addressed by the court or ADAs. The defendant must have a bondsman present and in court while bond is being addressed. If a bondsman is not present, the defendant will go into custody and post bond from the jail.

Off-docket Resets:

To request an off docket reset, you may email the coordinator 2-5 days prior to the court date. Be advised that off-docket resets do not take precedence to the daily docket. If you have not received confirmation that the reset request was granted, your client is expected to attend court as initially docketed. If you email the court within 24 hours of the next court setting, your request will be denied and client will be expected to appear, unless due to unforeseen emergencies. If the defendant has not been to court within 90 days, an off-docket reset request will be denied.

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