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230th Criminal Court
Judge Brad Hart
Harris County Criminal Justice Center
1201 Franklin, 16th Floor
Houston, Texas 77002
Criminal Court Information
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Local Rules for the Criminal Courts...
Criminal Justice Center Info...
Jury Charge Bank
Court Staff
Court Phone: (713) 755-6782
Clerk: Ariel Sanchez(713) 755-6782
Assistant Clerk: Kymeisha Neelys(713) 755-6782
Court Liaison Officer: Donna Hood(713) 755-6782
Coordinator: Quinesha Ross(713) 755-6782
Bailiff: Carl Culberson(713) 755-6782
Process Server: John Horton(713) 755-6782
Court Reporter: Trish Matthews(713) 755-6782
Prosecutors assigned to the Court
Chief Prosecutor: Lisa Calligan(713) 755-6136
Prosecutor #2: Sarah Roberts(713) 755-6136
Prosecutor #3: Kelsey Downing(713) 755-6136
FCLD Prosecutor: Allen Otto
Child Abuse Prosecutor: Erin Epley
230th Criminal Court Information
New Section
Harris County Administrative Offices of the District Courts 2006
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