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339th Criminal Court
Judge Te'iva J. Bell
Harris County Criminal Justice Center
1201 Franklin, 14th Floor
Houston, Texas 77002
Criminal Court Information
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Court Staff
Court Phone: (832) 927-3650
Fax Number: (832) 927-6503
Clerk: JaKeita Baxter(832) 927-3653
Assistant Clerk: Open(832) 927-3655
Court Liaison Officer: Belinda George(832) 927-3660
Coordinator: Gary Mustiful(832) 927-3651
Bailiff: Yumeka Marshall(832) 927-3656
Bailiff: Kennan Fleming(832) 927-3657
Court Reporter: Pam Knobloch(832) 927-3661

Court Zoom ID – 409-626-8906  https://justex.zoom.us/my/court339

Court Live Stream - 339th District Court - Live Stream


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Docket Days/ Times


Judge Te'iva J. Bell1201 Franklin14th Floor9am to 12pm Mon - Thurs
339THJudge Te'iva J. Bell 1201 Franklin
14th Floor 9am to 11amFriday
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