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Criminal Court Judges
174 Judge Ruben Guerrero209 Judge Michael McSpadden
176 Judge Stacey W. Bond228 Judge Marc Carter
177 Judge Ryan Patrick230 Judge Brad Hart
178 Judge David Mendoza232 Judge Mary Lou Keel
179 Judge Kristin M. Guiney248 Judge Katherine Cabaniss
180 Judge Catherine Evans 262 Judge Denise Bradley
182 Judge Jeannine Barr263 Judge Jim Wallace
183 Judge Vanessa Velasquez337 Judge Renee Magee
184 Judge Jan Krocker338 Judge Brock Thomas
185 Judge Susan Brown339 Judge Maria T. Jackson
208 Judge Denise Collins351 Judge Mark Kent Ellis

Criminal Court Information
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Differentiated Felony Case Management Implementation Order  
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Direct Filing Order

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