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312th Family Court
Judge Clinton E. Wells, Jr.
Harris County Civil Courthouse
201 Caroline, 16th Floor
Houston, Texas 77002
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Family Court In-Person Proceedings 12MAR2021

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Court Staff
Court Phone: (713) 274-4540
Associate Judge: Hon. Kimberly Baughman
Clerk: Dawn Hutchings(713) 274-4540
Assistant Clerk: Shawn Simien(713) 274-4540
Coordinator: Laura Hersch(713) 274-4545
Bailiff: Michelle Hoskins(713) 274-4540
Bailiff: A. Glenn(713) 274-4540
Court Reporter: Karen Bauer(713) 274-4548
Court InformationTop

Year elected or appointed: 2019
312th Court Policies Procedures .pdf
312th Exhibits Standing Order
312th Ad Litem Wheel List
312th Registration for Appointments
HC District Courts Emergency Scheduling Procedures 2020.pdf

Effective 10/18/21 NO ATTORNEY may appear in this Court virtually from a motor vehicle or any other location not an office or home office location without prior approval of the Court.  The Court reserves the right to pass any hearing and assess costs against the ATTORNEY violating this policy.

Effective June 21, 2021, all evidentiary hearings will be conducted in person (except the CPS docket), unless otherwise previously approved by the Court.  Any party or counsel may make a “good cause” argument to the Court, to allow a witness or participant to appear remotely.  IF BOTH SIDES ARE READY ON AN ANNOUNCEMENT OF 3 HOURS OR LESS, REQUIRE A RECORD OR EVIDENTIARY HEARING PLEASE APPEAR IN THE COURTROOM.

THE DOCKET WILL BE CALLED EACH DAY IN A “HYBRID” FASHION, BOTH IN PERSON AND IN THE VIRTUAL COURTROOM.  In all proceedings taking place in the virtual courtroom attorneys, parties, and any other persons appearing before the 312th shall click Judge Wells’ link below or go directly to Zoom and input the meeting ID: 9637 527 3347 in order to join the docket.

UNCONTESTED DOCKET: Monday – Friday 8:15 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. will be heard via Zoom.  Attorneys, parties, and any other persons on the uncontested docket shall click Judge Baughman’s link below or go directly to Zoom and input the meeting ID: 9244 677 0386 in order to join the uncontested docket.  Please contact the Court Clerks the day prior to appearing on the virtual uncontested docket.

 Judge Meeting Link (Zoom) Meeting ID (Zoom)
 Clinton E. Wells Click Here to Join Virtual Docket 9637 527 3347
 Kimberly Baughman Click Here to Join Virtual Docket 9244 677 0386


Entry Checklist.pdf
Exhibit Policies and Procedures.pdf
Trial Preparation Order.pdf
312th Record Request - 2021 Form.pdf
Pro Se Litigants Handbook

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