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308th Family Court
Judge Gloria E. López
Harris County Civil Courthouse
201 Caroline, 8th Floor
Houston, Texas 77002
Helpful Links
State Bar of Texas Family Law Section Harris County Law Library
ABA Family Law Section Full Text of Texas Family Code (& Texas Constitution & all codes)

Harris County Family District Courts’ Policies and Procedures during COVID-19


Court Staff
Court Phone: (713) 274-4600
Associate Judge: Hon. Ryan Salfiti
Clerk: Gisselle Soria-Ramirez(713) 274-4600
Assistant Clerk: Iris Morris(713) 274-4600
Coordinator: Jeanandria Beard(713) 274-4600
Bailiff: Deputy Alton Williams(713) 274-4607
Bailiff: Deputy Andre Richard(713) 274-4608
Court Reporter: Phyllis Gonzales(713) 274-4600
308th Family Court InformationTop

Harris County Family District Courts' Joint Policies and Procedures during COVID19
First Amended Standing Order Retaining All TDFPS Suits
Standing Mutual Temporary Restraining Order for NEW cases

308th Policies and Procedures.pdf

MSA_Affid. Uncontested prove up- with children.pdf
MSA_Affid. Uncontested prove up no children.pdf
Affid. Uncontested prove up- with children.pdf
Affid. Uncontested prove up no children.pdf

Attorney Application 308th.docx

Late "call" e-mail address: 308late@justex.net.
Subject line of E-mail must include Cause#
Body of email must include:

1. Name of attorney checking-in late;
2. Time estimate for late appearance; and 
3. The other court(s) the attorney will be in(if any).

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