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310th Family Court
Judge Sonya L. Heath
Harris County Civil Courthouse
201 Caroline, 15th Floor
Houston, Texas 77002
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State Bar of Texas Family Law Section Harris County Law Library
ABA Family Law Section Full Text of Texas Family Code (& Texas Constitution & all codes)
Harris County Family District Courts Inclement Weather Closure Policy
Family District Courts Dashboard - Caseload Statistics

Court Staff
Court Phone: (713) 274-1310
Associate Judge: Hon. Charles Collins
Clerk: Sherise Dickerson(713) 274-1310
Assistant Clerk: Kashondra Thomas(713) 274-1310
Coordinator: Melinda Schmidt(713) 274-1310
Bailiff: Friedrich W. Harrison(713) 274-1310
Bailiff: Danny Davis(713) 274-1310
Court Reporter: Leticia Salas(713) 274-1310
Court InformationTop

310th Policies and Procedures
E-hearing Instructions
Standing Order Regarding Self-Represented Litigants (DRO Review)
Standing Order Prohibiting Electronic Recordings
Sample Prove-Up Forms
Monitor your case and for upcoming hearings: http://www.hcdistrictclerk.com/Edocs/Public/Search.aspx?dockettab=1

IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: The 310th will be open on Tues., Nov. 29, 2022, even though HISD will be closed again. If anyone needs to appear via Zoom instead of in-person, that will be approved. The 310th will be open on 11/28/22 (unless the building closes) but since HISD has closed due to the City of Houston's Boil Water Notice, resets will be granted if requested and no defaults will proceed. Cases that need a reset will be put on the trial docket for 12/19/2022 @ 10:00 a.m. unless other arrangements have been made through the Court Coordinator.  

 JudgeAttorneys and Parties (Zoom Meeting)Public Viewing (Live Stream)
 Sonya Heath Click to Join Virtual Docket Watch
 Charles CollinsClick to Join Associate Judge


 310th District Court Jury Trial Livestream Click Here to View 310th Jury Trial 
 Court Call Livestream Click Here 

Late Calls - if running late for a hearing, email 310late@justex.net and include: 1) cause number, 2) name of attorney checking in late, 3) time estimate, and 4) court number if in another court.  Copy all necessary parties on the email.  NOTE: this email address is for late calls only.  DO NOT send any other correspondence to this email address.  Also note that the 30-minute Local Rule still applies (even if it is your own hearing). 

310th Visiting Judge for 12/16/2022-02/03/2023 Jury Trials
Judge Lisa Millard 2022-04427/2022-54474/2019-10672 (01/05/2023 and 01/26/2023-02/03/2023)
Judge Lisa Millard 2021-25117 (12/16/2022 and 01/06-20/2023)
***posted by Melinda Schmidt, Court Coordinator 10/31/22

Required Orders and Forms for 310th Cases
Inventory and Appraisement
310th Pretrial Conference Checklist
Job Sheet/Record Request form
310th Wheel Application
310th Ad Litem Wheel List 
Pro se Litigant Handbook
Manual para Litigantes Pro se
Income Withholding for Support
Form CR-65 (Fingerprint cards)

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