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311th Family Court
Judge Germaine J. Tanner
Harris County Civil Courthouse
201 Caroline, 8th Floor
Houston, Texas 77002
Helpful Links
State Bar of Texas Family Law Section Houston Public Library
ABA Family Law Section Full Text of Texas Family Code (& Texas Constitution & all codes)

VERY IMPORTANT! In an attempt to simplify notices and give consistency to the public and the Family Bar this is the new policy (EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY) of the Harris County Family Trial Division. ALL of the family courts will now follow the announcement of HISD. If HISD cancels then there will be no docket calls in any of the Family courts (court will be open unless the building is closed by the county though). If HISD starts late then the courts will call docket if docket start time is AFTER the HISD start time and will not call docket if docket start time is BEFORE the HISD start time. Pref set trials should be handled directly with the court though. IF the building is closed then all the courts are closed. You may now rely on this rule unless a specify court puts out something independently.

Court Staff
Court Phone: (713) 274-4580
Fax Number: (713) 274-4598
Associate Judge: Hon. Frank Pierce(713) 274-4580
Clerk: Sky Armstrong(713) 274-4580
Assistant Clerk: Yesica Jantes(713) 274-4580
Coordinator: Iris Garcia(713) 274-4580
Child Support Clerk: *(713) 274-4580
Bailiff: Deputy Uriah Brown(713) 274-4580
Bailiff: Deputy Billie Breakefield(713) 274-4580
Court Reporter: Chelsea Allen(713) 274-4584
Court Information/PoliciesTop
Welcome to the 311th District Court!


The mission of the 311th Judicial District Court of Harris County is to interpret and apply the law consistently and impartially; where appropriate, use discretion wisely; and earn the respect and confidence of the public by treating individuals with fairness, equality and respect. 

311th Court Policies and Procedures.pdf

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