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District Courts
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Here's a map of our complex and the vicinity. Note that it includes points of interest such as 
parking locations and places to buy lunch or snacks.

Map of Downtown


B Building
P Parking Area
PG Parking Garage
_____ Tunnel

Map Key With Food Service Locations

Code Name Location Food Service
1 Harris County Jury Plaza (Jury Assembly Room) 1201 Congress St. Vending Machines
2 Administration Bldg. 1001 Preston St. Cafeteria in Basement
3 First and Fourteenth Courts of Appeals (Old Civil Courts) 301 Fannin St. *****
4 Quebedaux Park Corner Fannin St. & Congress St. *****
5 Juvenile Justice Center 1200 Congress St. Cafeteria in Basement
6 Family Law Center 1115 Congress St. Snack Bar in Basement
7 Criminal Justice Center 1201 Franklin St. Cafeteria on 2nd Floor
8 Parking Garage 1401 Congress St. *****
9 Old Fire Station Bldg. 1302 Preston St. *****
10 Records Center ( Old Central Jail ) 1301 Franklin St. *****
11 Civil Courthouse 201 Caroline St. Cafeteria In Basement

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