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The Fair Defense Act - Appointment Procedures

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174th - Judge Hazel B. Jones 228th - Judge Frank Aguilar
176th - Judge Nikita V. Harmon 230th - Judge Chris Morton
177th - Judge Robert Johnson 232nd - Judge Josh Hill
178th - Judge Kelli Johnson 248th - Judge Hilary Unger
179th - Judge Ana Martinez 262nd - Judge Lori Chambers Gray
180th - Judge DaSean Jones 263rd - Judge Amy Martin
182nd - Judge Danilo Lacayo 337th - Judge Colleen Gaido
183rd - Judge Chuck Silverman 338th - Judge Ramona Franklin
184th - Judge Abigail Anastasio 339th - Judge Te'iva J. Bell
185th - Judge Jason Luong 351st - Judge Natalia "Nata" Cornelio
208th - Judge Greg Glass 482nd - Judge Maritza Antu
209th - Judge Brian E Warren 
STAR Docket                                              228th Veteran's Court Docket
RIC Docket 339th Competency Restoration Docket
339th CTI Mental Health Docket


Standards and Procedures

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