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Jail Docket and  Public Viewing Area

District Courts Trying Criminal Cases and County Criminal Courts at Law

Harris County, Texas


. Click Here to view Jail Docket Schedules


Effective until Further Notice.


Due to Hurricane Harvey and the flooding of the Criminal Justice Center, hearings for defendants in County custody will be conducted in temporary courtrooms at the Harris County Jail.


** If you have questions regarding a specific case or defendant, please contact the court. **


Public Viewing Area

Members of the public are welcome to observe all dockets held at the jail locations by video in the public viewing area, Room 1774, on the 17th floor of the Civil Courthouse, 201 Caroline St. 


Please observe the following rules out of respect for the rights of others who are also present to attend the proceedings:

  • Quiet Please – The public viewing area is an extension of the courtroom.  Please observe proper decorum.

  • No Food or Drink – You are welcome to use the cafeteria on the 2nd Floor.

  • No Cell Phone Use – Please make phone calls in the lobby so as not to disturb others.

  • No Recording of Proceedings – Any individual wishing to record the audio/video feed (or any part thereof) must first obtain the permission of the judge involved in that feed and comply with any restrictions ordered by that judge.

Your cooperation is very much appreciated.


Court Schedules

Information on each defendant’s court settings may be found at the Harris County District Clerk’s website: www.hcdistrictclerk.com .

Click Here to Search District Clerk Records


Jail Docket Schedules

To determine which courts are holding jail dockets on any given day, please refer to the Jail Docket Schedule. Click Here


Due to limited space for hearings, District Courts Trying Criminal Cases must share courtrooms at the jail.  There are different schedules for male and female inmates.  Please refer to the correct schedule. 


Male inmates will be scheduled in Room A or Room B for either a Morning or Afternoon Docket.  The Jail Docket Schedule shows the docket time and location for the courts each day.


Female Inmates are scheduled daily at the jail.  Judges preside over the female inmate dockets on a rotating basis.



** If you have questions regarding a specific case or defendant, please contact the court. **


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