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[PDF] Sieving Cyberspace: How the Nature of the Internet ...
Page 1. Jury Innovations Project An Effort to Enhance Jury Trials in Texas
State and Federal Courts Pilot Program Manual Page 2. ...

http://www.justex.net/JustexDocuments/0/CourtsAndLaw/Jury%2520Innovation%2520Project%2520Manual%2520101411.pdf - 1209k - 2012-02-27 - Text Version

Harris County District Courts

http://www.justex.net/Courts/Criminal/CourtSection.aspx%3Fcrt%3D45%26sid%3D678 - 24k - Cached

Page 1. NAME QUALIFICATIONS Total: 59 Adams, Tammy AAL,
MEDIATOR Andell, Eric MEDIATOR Brock, Valeria AAL ...

http://www.justex.net/JustexDocuments/51/FDAMS%2520AAL%2520GAL%2520Mediator%2520315th.pdf - 12k - 2015-08-31 - Text Version

A person acts intentionally, or with intent, with respect to a ...
A person acts intentionally, or with intent, with respect to a result of his conduct
when it is his conscious objective or desire to cause the result.

http://www.justex.net/JuryChargeBankDocuments/Misc.%2520Instructions%255CDefinitions%255CINTENTIONALLY%2520(RESULT%2520ONLY).doc - 2k - 2008-12-27 - Cached

You are instructed that if there is any testimony before you in this case regarding
the defendant's having committed offenses other than the offense ...

http://www.justex.net/JuryChargeBankDocuments/Misc.%2520Instructions%255CEvidence%2520(Limit.%2520Instr.%2520%26%2520Corrob.)%255CEXTR.%2520OFF.%2520(IDENTITY).doc - 3k - 2008-12-27 - Cached

Harris County District Courts

http://www.justex.net/Courts/Civil/CourtSection.aspx%3Fcrt%3D22%26sid%3D615 - 40k - Cached

"Bet" means an agreement that, dependent on chance even ...
"Bet" means an agreement to win or lose something of value solely or
partially by chance. A bet does not include: (A) contracts ...

http://www.justex.net/JuryChargeBankDocuments/Misc.%2520Instructions%255CDefinitions%255CBET.doc - 3k - 2008-12-23 - Cached

You are instructed that our law provides that a third party may consent to the
search of another person's apartment when the third party has ...

http://www.justex.net/JuryChargeBankDocuments/Misc.%2520Instructions%255CArt.%252038.23%2520Instruct.%27s%255CCONSENT%2520SEARCH%2520(APT.)%2520(COMMON%2520AUTH.%2520TO%2520CONSENT).doc - 4k - 2011-08-26 - Cached

Harris County District Courts

http://www.justex.net/Courts/Civil/CourtSection.aspx%3Fcrt%3D11%26sid%3D76 - 92k - Cached

Harris County District Courts

http://www.justex.net/Courts/Civil/CourtSection.aspx%3Fcrt%3D15%26sid%3D43 - 298k - Cached

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