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A person acts intentionally, or with intent, with respect to a ...
A person acts intentionally, or with intent, with respect to a result of his conduct
when it is his conscious objective or desire to cause the result.

http://www.justex.net/JuryChargeBankDocuments/Misc.%2520Instructions%255CDefinitions%255CINTENTIONALLY%2520(RESULT%2520ONLY).doc - 2k - 2008-12-27 - Cached

You are instructed that if there is any testimony before you in this case regarding
the defendant's having committed offenses other than the offense ...

http://www.justex.net/JuryChargeBankDocuments/Misc.%2520Instructions%255CEvidence%2520(Limit.%2520Instr.%2520%26%2520Corrob.)%255CEXTR.%2520OFF.%2520(IDENTITY).doc - 3k - 2008-12-27 - Cached

Harris County District Courts

http://www.justex.net/Courts/Civil/CourtSection.aspx%3Fcrt%3D22%26sid%3D615 - 35k - Cached

Harris County District Courts

http://www.justex.net/courts/civil/CourtSection.aspx%3Fcrt%3D12%26sid%3D32 - 31k - Cached

"Bet" means an agreement that, dependent on chance even ...
"Bet" means an agreement to win or lose something of value solely or
partially by chance. A bet does not include: (A) contracts ...

http://www.justex.net/JuryChargeBankDocuments/Misc.%2520Instructions%255CDefinitions%255CBET.doc - 3k - 2008-12-23 - Cached

You are instructed that our law provides that a third party may consent to the
search of another person's apartment when the third party has ...

http://www.justex.net/JuryChargeBankDocuments/Misc.%2520Instructions%255CArt.%252038.23%2520Instruct.%27s%255CCONSENT%2520SEARCH%2520(APT.)%2520(COMMON%2520AUTH.%2520TO%2520CONSENT).doc - 4k - 2011-08-26 - Cached

Harris County District Courts

http://www.justex.net/Courts/Civil/CourtSection.aspx%3Fcrt%3D11%26sid%3D76 - 92k - Cached

Harris County District Courts

http://www.justex.net/Courts/Civil/CourtSection.aspx%3Fcrt%3D15%26sid%3D43 - 351k - Cached

You are instructed that under our law a statement of a defendant made while
the defendant was in jail or other place of confinement or in the ...

http://www.justex.net/JuryChargeBankDocuments/Misc.%2520Instructions%255CStatement%2520Instructions%255CSTATEMENT_PROMISE%2520OF%2520BENEFITS.doc - 4k - 2017-03-28 - Cached

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http://www.justex.net/JustexDocuments/12/Civil%2520Litigation%2520Trends%2520in%2520one%2520of%2520the%2520Nation%27s%2520Largest%2520Counties.PDF - 2k - 2013-09-10 - Text Version

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