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Civil Center Construction Pictures

http://www.justex.net/CivilCenter/Construction/August2004.aspx - 13k - Cached

Harris County District Courts

http://www.justex.net/Courts/Drug/Adult/ProgramOverview.aspx - 29k - Cached

A statement of an accused may be used in evidence against ...
A statement of an accused may be used in evidence against him if it appears
that the same was freely and voluntarily made without compulsion or ...

http://www.justex.net/JuryChargeBankDocuments/Misc.%2520Instructions%255CConfessions%255CORAL%2520STATE.%2520SEC.%25203(c)%2520(ASSERT.%2520OF%2520FACT%2520FOUND%2520TRUE).doc - 4k - 2011-08-26 - Cached

"Criminal street gang" means three or more persons having a common
identifying sign or symbol or an identifiable leadership who continuously or ...

http://www.justex.net/JuryChargeBankDocuments/Misc.%2520Instructions%255CDefinitions%255CCRIMINAL%2520STREET%2520GANG.doc - 2k - 2008-12-23 - Cached

[PDF] § § s
Page 1. MASTER DOCKET NO. 2005-59499 In Re: Texas State Vioxx
Litigation This Document Relates to All Cases § § § s § ...

http://www.justex.net/JustexDocuments/12/Rule%252013%2520Vioxx/Order%2520No%25201.pdf - 14k - 2005-09-21 - Text Version

Harris County District Courts

http://www.justex.net/courts/Administrative/2ndAdmin.aspx - 24k - Cached

Harris County District Courts

http://www.justex.net/courts/civil/CourtSection.aspx%3Fcrt%3D10%26sid%3D270 - 25k - Cached

You are instructed that no act done in a state of insanity can ...
You are instructed that no act done in a state of insanity can be punished
as an offense. It is an affirmative defense to prosecution ...

http://www.justex.net/JuryChargeBankDocuments/Misc.%2520Instructions%255CDefensive%2520Issues%255CINSANITY.doc - 5k - 2011-08-26 - Cached

Civil Center Construction Pictures

http://www.justex.net/CivilCenter/Construction/July2004.aspx - 13k - Cached

Harris County District Courts

http://www.justex.net/Courts/Civil/CourtSection.aspx%3Fcrt%3D4%26sid%3D612 - 126k - Cached

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