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COVID-19 Court Operations - Notice Regarding Remote Appearance of Parties



All parties may appear remotely in the 337th District Court during the COVID-19 pandemic for the duration of the Disaster Proclamation issued by Texas Governor Greg Abbott on March 13, 2020, and renewed on April 12, 2020, as well as during any extension periods of this pandemic state of emergency proclaimed by the governor.


Appointment of counsel for indigent defendants may be completed using the electronic appointment forms approved by the Administrative Office of the District Courts.


Defense attorneys wishing to appear remotely must confer with their clients before any court setting.  If the defendant is appearing remotely, either from jail or another location, defense counsel must notify the court coordinator as soon as possible, and arrange the remote appearance. 


The Court would prefer any remote appearance to take place via Zoom.  In the event that a defense attorney needs to confer with his client or the State, the conferences may be conducted outside the presence of the Court in the Zoom breakout rooms.


Some appearances may be deemed essential, including determination of probable cause; setting of bail; appointment of counsel; pretrial writs of habeas corpus; presentment of motions for new trial; grand jury proceedings; emergency and other protective orders; statutorily required deadlines; Chapter 33 hearings; and other matters if the Court determines good cause exists.

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