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of Harris County
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269th Civil Court
Judge Cory Don Sepolio
Harris County Civil Courthouse
201 Caroline, 13th Floor
Houston, Texas 77002
General Civil Court Information
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Rules Civil Electronic Media Case Information Inquiry
Civil Courthouse Directions Civil Courthouse - Civil Courthouse Technology
Electronic Document Filing Rules Pro hac vice
Protocol for Appointment of Attorneys Ad Litem Texas Supreme Court Rule Changes
Statement of Inability to Afford Payment of Court Costs or an Appeal BondAppointee Fee Report Form
Civil Courts Inclement Weather Policy
Civil District Court Dashboard - Caseload Statistics 

Court Staff
Court Phone: (832) 927-2269
Clerk: Taj Travis(832) 927-2269
Assistant Clerk: Joshua Herrington(832) 927-2269
Coordinator: Alex Garibay(832) 927-2299
Bailiff: Deputy John Horton(832) 927-2277
Court Reporter: Kathleen Keese(832) 927-2278
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