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Zoom Hearings and Bench Trials


In evidentiary matters for which the Court will be ruling on admissibility of exhibits, please provide a copy of your exhibits to opposing counsel prior to your zoom hearing/bench trial.

You will need to provide a physical copy of exhibits to the court reporter in order for the record to be complete.  Please contact our court reporter, Cynthia Martinez at Cynthia_Martinez@justex.net to make arrangements for the delivery of those exhibits.

You will also need to provide a courtesy copy for the Court's convenience. Please provide the exhibits for the Court on either a flash drive or by email to the Court Coordinator, Nalani Callico at Nalani_Callico@justex.net


All Notice of Hearings for Zoom will need to include the below URL link to Zoom. This link will take you directly to all zoom hearings set in our court.  This same link will also take you to all zoom bench trials.   


If you are joining zoom by telephone/audio conferencing, please dial 346-248-7799
and enter our Meeting ID: 843 152 9666 (THE152ZOOM) followed by #.

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