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314th Juvenile Court
Judge Michelle Moore
Harris County Juvenile Justice Center
1200 Congress, 5th Floor
Houston, Texas 77002
Juvenile Court Administration Staff
Juv. Mgr. Cindy Milom 713-222-4875
Sr. Juv. Admin. Asst. Adriana Ponce 713-222-4870
Juv. Admin Asst. Yavaka Pete 713-222-4871
Juv. Admin Asst. Michelle Billingsley-Mexicano 713-222-4872
Juv. Admin Asst. Lisa Castillo 713-222-4885
Court Staff
Court Phone: (832) 927-8470
Associate Judge: Hon. Eric Andell
Coordinator: Lakeisha Simmons(832) 927-8458
Court Reporter: Cara Massey(832) 927-8471
Court InformationTop

Year elected or appointed: 2019
Inclement Weather Policy
Harris County District Courts CV-19
Jury Service 3.13 to 3.20 COVID 19
Juvenile Courts OPEN Monday March 16, 2020: UPDATE HERE

Standing Order Prohibiting Electronic Recordings

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